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The Team

Founder and Head Trainer, Aislynn has always believed in kindness, and treating others the way you would like to be treated. So she thought "Why would I run my business any differently?" Aislynn's goal from the beginning has been to build an entire team of like-hearted individuals who truly value the bond between canine and human, and desire to genuinely help as many dogs and families as they can. Our mission is to educate owners, rescues, and the animal world about the importance, benefit, and the necessity of doing positive based training with their beloved companion.



Founder   Head Trainer   Life Coach

In 2012, Aislynn was hired as a veterinary technician at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, and rapidly learned how fast paced an emergency animal hospital could be. It was there she learned true quality care should always be a priority. She learned about emergency care, pet CPR, extensive surgical monitoring, in patient care, & how to truly help clients through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Most importantly, for her passion of animal behavior, she learned about proper restraint with pets in small confined spaces, and how to really be able to read body language efficiently in high pressure situations.

In 2013 Aislynn began Penn Foster Career School’s Dog Obedience Trainer program.

June 2014 she decided to take a risk and start up her own company for the first time ever, thus Ace Of Paws was born. July 2014 Aislynn decided to focus 100% of her time to Ace Of Paws, which unfortunately meant leaving the job she loved very much at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital. Luckily, the owners and staff at Mount Laurel are kind, compassionate, supportive people, and still to this day Aislynn has a great working relationship with them.

In October 2014 Aislynn completed her first program in the dog trainer field and was now a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor through Penn Foster Career School. Although Penn Foster's program taught her about the use of all dog training tools and methods, Aislynn decided it was her duty to educate dog owners about the large benefits of earning their dogs trust, and the importance of having a positive based training experience together.

Aislynn is a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild, The Association For Force-Free Professionals, is a volunteer for Don't Bully Us Rescue, is currently enrolled in CATCH Canine Trainer Academy's Master Class. Once her program is completed Aislynn will become a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT) and she is also a Certified Life Coach specializing in mindset and anxiety work. 


Operations Manager

Brittany is a dog + cat mom, wife, rescue advocate, and interior design expert. Her love for and bond with animals began as a little girl, and she realized a deeper connection after rescuing her first pitbull, Pacino, from dogfighting who needed rehabilitation (both physically and emotionally). Her ongoing experience with him created a passion to contribute to the animal community in whatever ways she could. Brittany and Aislynn met as Veterinary Technicians more than 10 years ago, and have been best friends ever since. She has extensive operations and management experience, specializing in efficiency, organization, and client experience. 

Rescued Dog Was Supposed To Be Put Down —

But Then Vet Tech Hugged Him

"Even though he was in so much pain, he looked up at me and licked my face ... I had to do something to save his life."

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Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.13.46 PM.png


Lead Trainer

Kristina’s love of animals stems from her childhood. From day one she remembered being surrounded by all types of loving animals all thanks to her father. She grew up with her beloved furry companions and also some more unusual friends; rehabilitated squirrels, tortoises, exotic fish, bearded dragons, and much more! Kristina watched as her father loved and cared for each and every one of them, but she was especially fascinated by her father‘s relationship and connection to their family dog Savannah. The loyalty and trust they shared was unbreakable. He trained her effortlessly and their bond grew daily. Kristina had only hoped that she would be able to experience this level of companionship one day.

Kristina soon consulted with her sister Ashley, who had started working for Ace Of Paws and they quickly began working with Taz on beginner obedience training in hopes to help his confidence. Kristina watched as her once frightened pup became a more confident boy. It was in that moment Kristina realized exactly what she wanted to do with her career. She knew that if she could help a person in a situation like hers then it would make it all worth it. Kristina works towards this goal as an assistant trainer and dog walker by practicing positive based training methods alongside her mentor Aislynn. She hopes to be able to further her education and help as many families and their fur babies as possible.


Lead Trainer

Starting at age 5, Nicole was an equestrian.

What was an every weekend thing quickly stemmed into a 7 days a week commitment and was all she wanted to do.

After training her first horse from nothing to something she realized she loved training animals, but wanted to train dogs most of all. It wasn’t until her and her family attended a police k-9 demonstration that she knew she had to at least try.

At just 17 years old she purchased her first German shepherd, Xena. She sought out a bunch of different trainers gaining advice from all, only realizing a huge decrease in personality, motivation, and happiness in Xena. After doing her own research and paying more attention to little things she saw how everything that was being “taught” to Xena was by using force. Xena already being 2 years old became reactive, skittish, shy, depressed. Nothing like the dog she knew. Nicole decided after paying lots and lots of money to ditch all the other trainers and do things force free and at Xena’s pace. During this process Nicole found how much she loved training dogs.


During this time she gained experience training personal protection dogs, service dogs, companions and reactive dogs. The training methods she saw being used bothered her and she found working with dogs force free and listening to body language and taking into consideration what the dog is ready and not ready for made a better training experience for the owners and for the dog.

Nicole bought her second German shepherd, Koda, in May 2022 who has brought Xena out of her shell even more! The both of them remind her of patience and how much she loves the process of training everyday!

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