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Virtual and In-Person Force Free Dog Training in South Jersey and Across the Country 


Ace Of Paws is a force free company that provides in-person and virtual dog training. We happily go above and beyond for each and every client, providing a customized obedience or behavior plan to suit each clients specific needs.

Each of our obedience programs comes with an educational online curriculum to help teach each client how to get inside the mind of their dog. You will come to learn that dog training truly is about SO much more than "just training your dog"! It's about connection, enrichment, clear communication, and giving them proper outlets for their innate desires.

Our training programs are such a fun, engaging, and bonding experience for the whole family. It is our goal to create a strong, long lasting bond between you and your beloved companion without the use of force.

Like humans, every dog has its own unique personality. Dogs are similar to the core but when it comes to what drives them, we have to use our creativity to figure out what that is. No two dogs & no two situations are exactly alike. Ace Of Paws is force free and uses humane positive based training methods only. We use a variation of food, toys, praise, and play to keep training light and fun for you, your family, and most importantly your dog! Our trainers are dedicated to assessing each situation individually, and then with a combination of skill, knowledge, creativity and research - we will work with you to show you how to incorporate obedience in your daily routine, and solve the issues at hand.



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