Dear Aislynn,

Bob and I would like to thank you and your staff at Ace of Paws for your positive training methods. We have owned many dog friends in our fifty years of marriage and this was our first need for obedience training. We love our Buffy, but she had several behavioral problems that frustrated us, like jumping on people and excessive barking. Buffy has responded so well to you and your training and we are very pleased. In only six weeks, Buffy has learned to sit, stay, lie down, and walk better without pulling on her leash. She has also reduced much of her barking. You made our experience a pleasure and we saw weekly improvement. We will continue to reinforce your helpful suggestions and recommendations. Thank you so much for your support.

-Sincerely, Nan
What a great help you were with our new puppy, you are aces in our book Aislynn . We would recommend this to anyone who wants a better behaved dog. We learned so much from you!! You were great with Bailey Boots, and you were great to work with. It made a huge difference... He will miss seeing you ! 
​-Laura H.

The Belli family would like to thank you Aislynn, for your work with us and your endless patience with Junior but most of all with us! because we all know it is the owners that need the training! You are both professional and compassionate in your work, and we know you will succeed because you are definitely meant to do this work of training dogs and their owners! We look forward to continuing our training with you in the near future!

-Love, The Belli Family

When we first decided to get a puppy, I was very adamant about putting him in obedience classes almost immediately.  It was also important to me that I worked with someone who was truly passionate about their profession since they would ultimately be helping us shape a new family member.

I decided to work with Aislynn for a few reasons.  First, she was very knowledgable about positive reinforcement obedience training and also helpful with general wellness questions I had for our new puppy.  Second, she came to our home and worked with us in the space that he lived in and felt most comfortable in which I loved.  Most importantly, she treated our puppy with so much love, kindness and patience that I instantly knew she was the trainer for us.

My puppy has graduated her training program a couple of weeks ago, and I can honestly say, I am very pleased with the results.  We get so many compliments at dog parks, and people are genuinely impressed with how well-behaved he is.  He has great confidence, and I am always amazed at the information he has been able to retain while working with her.

I am truly happy with my decision to work with Ace of Paws.  I have referred her to other individuals and continue to give her positive reviews backed by my well behaved puppy.  Choosing a trainer can be one of the most important decisions for a dog of any age.  If I could go back and make the decision again, I'd go with Aislynn every time!

- Jessica C.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein 

Dear Aislynn,

Thank you so much for Adult Basic Obedience training given to our dog Elsa. We adopted her at AWA shelter when she was just about 1 year old. Apparently, Elsa hasn't been trained before. Her breed is Rat Terrier, and that combination makes her a ball of fire. These 6 weeks of the training provided by you on behalf of Ace of Paws really turned Elsa from a nuisance into a loving respectful true friend of man. You have trained not just Elsa, you thought us how to understand our dog's behavior and habits, and have given us confidence as new dog owners. Because of you, we understood that Elsa is very smart and lovable dog. Now, our kids and us are happy owners of such a nice dog.

Elsa's family, Medford, NJ

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