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In the profession of dog training there is always room to grow, and more to learn. Our owner, Aislynn, and our trainers are dedicated to continually furthering their education and experience to fit your personal needs. To educate the dog world & dog owners about the longterm benefits of humane, force free, positive based training. To minimize the use of euthanasia & animal abandonment due to behavioral problems.

In 2017 dogs are such an important part of our families & should be treated as such. It is essential that we build a strong, trusting, long lasting bond with our dogs in order to ensure the best life possible for what little time they have here on earth with us.

Ace Of Paws, LLC

As a pet owner, in order to set your dog up for success there must be lots of love, patience, consistency, and a structured exercise schedule daily.

We believe in using two of the four quadrants of operant conditioning in our training classes: 

  • Positive reinforcement – adding something desirable to increase the likelihood of wanted behavior reoccurring.
  • Negative punishment – removing something desirable to reduce unwanted behavior.

Like humans, every dog has its own unique personality. Dogs are similar to the core but when it comes to what drives them, we have to use our creativity to figure out what that is. No two dogs & no two situations are exactly alike. Ace Of Paws is force free and uses humane positive based training methods only. We use a variation of food, toys, praise, and play to keep training light and fun for you, your family, and most importantly your dog! Our trainers are dedicated to assessing each situation individually, and then with a combination of skill, knowledge, creativity and research - we will work with you to show you how to incorporate obedience in your daily routine, and solve the issues at hand.

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